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Hardwood Flooring

  Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce hardwood floors come in a variety of strips, planks, and parquet tiles  with many different edge treatments such as square, bevel, and micro edges. There are also varied stains to complement your décor as well as two types of finishes (urethane or wax).


Wood Species

Wood floors are available in a number of popular species, including oak and
maple. Species such as pine, cherry, merbau, pecan, and other specialty  woods are also available. There are many different choices offered even  spanning into exotic hardwoods. Most floors are available in several grades
in a wide range of prices.


Bruce products come both in “solid” wood form in which it is milled from
one piece of wood. “Engineered” wood is also amongst the product mix
which consists of three or more layers in a cross-ply construction. Solid
wood is mainly used when installing over a wood sub floor where the
hardwood will be nailed to the sub floor. The engineered product is  generally used when the floor is installed in basements or over slab concrete
where the hardwood floor needs to adhere to the sub floor.


  • Full lifetime structural integrity warranty
  • Full lifetime adhesive bond warranty
  • Full lifetime sub floor moisture protection warranty
  • Full finish and wood layer warranties
  • Full 25 year finish warranty to best-rated, dura-luster finish products
  • Full 15 year finish warranty for better-rated, dura-luster finish products
  • Full 10 year finish warranty for good-rated, dura-luster finish products
  • Full 5 year finish warranty for dura-satin (wax) finish products

* Inquire with us for full warranty information and exclusions

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